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Идет ли речь о переводе, субтитрах, обучении иностранным языкам или лингвистическом консультировании, конечный результат всегда связывает переводчика и клиента, к добру иль к худу. Это обычно просто слова, но именно эти слова имеют большое значение. Поэтому мы не могли не представить ниже отзывы некоторых из наших клиентов.


We've been worked with Manuela on different projects that were covering various fields.
She's always showed her great skills, professionalism and the ability to work under the
pressure of deadlines.

- NYB Tradução -

Good quality and delivery on time.

Great translator, very serious and always responsive!

- ASM2 -

- André Fachada – L10N Studio -

Friendly, professional and on time. Will surely work with Manuela again.

- Nuno Macieirinha – OneTranslating -

Manuela is an amazing professional, constantly ready to tackle our projects with expertise and always complying with strict deadlines. Definitely our go to translator when it comes to French combinations, and a pleasure to work with!

- Kickwords Limited -

Will definitely recommend Manuela. Reliable and professional.

- Ivana de Sousa Santos -

Good work.

- Alice Nicolas – Optilingua International -

Since we’ve been working with Manuela Domingues, we are very pleased with hers works and she deliver on time.

- Hiventy – Hub Asia -

Subtitling is ok. 


I'm very happy about Manuela's work. She respects deadlines, provides good quality translations and follows the instructions provided. I will most certainly ask her collaboration for future projects.

Manuela is a very reliable and professional translator. I would like to work again with her very soon.

- Cristina Luis - GLOBALALPHABET -

Highly recommended, very good working skils and committed to meeting deadlines.

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