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Translation is an activity that requires the interpretation of a text in a source language to a target language. Despite being considered by many to be an easy task to achieve, the truth is that the process of turning a text in one language into another, is quite complex. In order to translate, the translation professional must interpret the original text and shape its target text so that it continues to be faithful to the original without losing its important characteristics. 

Certified Translation

In Portugal, there are no sworn translators. The translator must be responsible for the translation before a notary, a solicitor, a lawyer or a Chamber of Commerce. That is the service that we, translators, provide, under rules of engagement before the above-mentioned entities, stating that the translation is faithful to the original document, for documents presented in Portugal.


Subtitling is a type of audiovisual translation that has its own techniques, rules and criteria. Before we enter this world, the key is to understand that this kind of translation conforms to what is called the «subordinate translation». In other words, it is a translation that has restrictions with regard to time and space, which directly affect the final result. Our translation will depend on these parameters, and not only are we limited to translating textual content, but we also rely on video and audio content, respecting a certain time and space.


As revision is one of MD-TRAD's primordial objectives, we offer a proofreading service regarding literary, technical and scientific texts, which operates on four levels: grammar (spelling, syntax, and punctuation); style (literary, technical, scientific texts, among others); structure (general conception of the text);   and content.

In the preparation of texts in Portuguese, it is the client's decision to opt for the spelling version with or without the new 'Orthographic Agreement of 1990'.

Language training

MD-TRAD, Unipessoal Lda offers language training for companies and individuals and this service is limited to the following languages: Castilian, French and Portuguese within the District of Viana do Castelo. For other languages ​​within that same district (or others), please contact us and we will be happy to help you.  

Linguistic consulting

Need help writing letters (banks, retirement, insurance, etc.), emails, reviewing documents, etc., in other languages? We have our range of native translators at your disposal to answer your needs!

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